Ukrainian walnut exporters (HS Code 080231 080232)  Review

Ukrainian walnut exporters (HS Code 080231 080232) Review

Global market of peeled or shelled walnuts represents one of the core areas for Ukrainian orchard-related¬†exporters. Being a constantly growing market (consider stable annual increse of more than 16% in money equivalent during past 5 years).¬†Such focus allowed Ukraine to climb up to top 5 shelled or peeled walnuts exporters, closing the leaderboard with the total walnuts export number 80 million US dollars.¬†It is noteworthy that in terms of quantities ukrainians walnuts exporters are second to the world leader (the US) and¬†provide¬†the global market with 25 thousand tonns (which constitute 11.6% share in world’s total export volume). Such discrepancy between value (5th place) and quantities (2nd place) indicates ukrainian walnuts suppliers’ propensity to engage into price-based competition. Indeed, Ukrainian export prices in the past 5 years were stably lower than world average by 50%; in 2014,¬†global average prices¬†were three times higher: ukrainian walnuts manufacturers are willing to sell their products at the average price 3169 US dollars per metric tonn. At the meantime, at the global market average rates reached $9160US/MT.

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  • fast test¬†consignment¬†( -18 MT ¬†)¬†
  • LC payment¬†
  • Free and fast sample shipment¬†upon confirmed LC ¬†

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  • ¬†Price of walnuts can be found at – it-biS HS code search¬†( available in Ukrainian only )


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