Trade & export of nitrogen-release fertilizer -carbamide  (HS Code 310210) – Review

Trade & export of nitrogen-release fertilizer -carbamide (HS Code 310210) – Review

Nitrogen fertilizers market consists of a great amount of product varieties, which can be differentiated based on their chemical formulas, soil specificity, mode of application and consequences. The general chemical compounds are Anhydrous ammonia (dangerous to soil, yet yielding high returns), Ammonium nitrate (because of its explosive properties, loses its positions to Urea), Ammonium sulfate (low nitrogen content, used in sandy soil areas) and Urea (dry fertilizer with the highest percentage of nitrogen).

Demand on the nitrogen fertilizers market shows steady growth. There are periods of over- and under- supply, which are caused by seasonality in agriculture market (we observe the highest demand in the period of agricultural work – in spring and autumn) and weather conditions.

Nitrogen fertilisers are generally produced from the following raw material: natural gas, oil and coke oven gases. Raw material base helps to understand the distribution of world production. In 2013, Chinese share in the 161 million tonnes globally produced nitrogen fertilisers accounted for more than one third. India produced 9% of the total amount and Russia and US 6% each.

The world leaders in exports in 2014 were China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Ukraine. Since 2013, we see a decline of fertilizers production and thereafter export from Ukraine. One may suggest that such trend linked to  difficulties  in gas supply from Russia, and the monopoly of Group DF in the industry.
Ukrainian export declined from 2.6 million tons in 2013 down to 1.6 million in 2014. Egypt, during the same period, faced similar production volume reductions: from 2.6 to 1.8 mln tons. UAE, however, increased nitrogen fertilizers production by 0.5 million (1.2 to 1.7 mln. tons).  At the same time China (one of the constantly growing market players)  shows growth from 8 to 13 millions in 2014-2015 season. Russian production remains stable at the level 5 million tonnes.
In 2014 Ukraine exported nitrogenous fertilizers worth over 500 millions US dollars. The figure granted Ukraine the 7th place among the world’s largest exporter. Ukrainian’s export height was observed in 2011-2012, when Ukraine exported annually 3.5 tonnes of nitrogen fertilizers.

Geographically, consumption of nitrogen fertilizers linked to locations of the manufacturers. The biggest consumers are China (31%), India (16%), and the US (11%).

As for imports, the top ten importers are US, India, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, France, Turkey, Mexico, Canada and Spain. Indian and Brazilian markets are fast-growing , whereas the US – remains the largest importer. Overall fertilizers industry  has  grown slowly but steadily. The trend  directly related to the development importance of agriculture worldwide.

In the last five year period, there was a increase in prices. World’s average rated grew by 41%: from 281 to 398 US dollars per metric tonne. Ukrainian prices followed the trend with more than 50% rise: 248 – 373 US dollars per MT. Since 2011-2012, market prices began to stabilise, result of lower prices for natural gas, (a lag of six months on oil prices) .

The position of Ukrainian manufacturers and exporters of nitrogen fertilizers is strong on the global market. Stability and long-term growth of the industry persuades Ukrainian exporters to expand international market coverage. AbbottPM provides our customers with the high quality export management expertise. We ease cross-border trade operations for nitrogen fertilizers’ exporters and provide your business with optimal solutions

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