Ukrainian export of Sunflower meal (HS Code 230630) – Review

Ukrainian export of Sunflower meal (HS Code 230630) – Review

Being the world’s largest sunflower meal exporter, Ukraine provides more than 40% of global supply annually: in absolute values this number means 3.8 mln tonns (in 2014), constituting $900 mln US dollars in money terms. In this way, sunflower meal export accounts for more than 1.5% of Ukrainian’s total export in 2014.  Major buyers of this Ukrainian product are France, Belarus and Poland: 630, 572 and 569 thousand tonns, accordingly. Together they provide almost a third of world’s total demand for Ukrainian sunflower meal.

The strongest competitor on the world stage is Russia: in 2014, export reached 1.66 mln tonns of sunflower meal, which were sold for 368 mln dollars. In total, Russia fulfills 18.8% of global demand. The next closest competitor, Hungary, does not even hit 5% level.

Propensity of Ukrainian exporters to compete in the lower end by constantly offering cheaper products is a widely observed phenomenon in the agricultural segment. However, this tendency does not hold place in the sunflower meal global marketplace, primarily because Ukraines holds more than one third global export in this market. Therefore, Ukrainian prices stay on par with the wolrd’s average, as they are the main forming source of the the global average price. During last ten years world’s average rate demostrate steady growth at 15% average annual level. At the same time, the price can fluctuate significantly: in 2007, we observed a sharp rise – 58%, then, in 2009 fall – 35%.Price reduced from $203 per metric tonn back to $131 in just one year. Ukrainian rates trend demonstrates the same curve an a slightly greater growth speed – 16.2%.

Sunflower meal/cake -as livestock feed

Sunflower meal/cake  is an excellent livestock feed, especially for ruminants, can be included in the diets of pigs, poultry, cattle, horses of all ages.

There are three types of Sunflower – cake

From undehulled seeds
protein 25-28%
fiber 23–28%

dehulled seed, – meal
fiber 16-20%

meal obtained via two-step dehulling process
protein 40–42%
fiber 12–15%
The oil content of sunflower meals ranges between 0.2% and 2.5%. and cake 6-10%
Therefore sunflower meal composition depends on the efficiency of the dehulling process of sunflower seeds and the techology used for oil extraction.

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