Ukrainian export of Soya bean meal & cake ( HS Code 230400)-Review

Ukrainian export of Soya bean meal & cake ( HS Code 230400)-Review

In 2014, the global import of soya bean meal accounted for over 65 million tonns, equaling almost 35 billion US dollars in money terms. Over the last 10 years, the soya bean meal market demostrates stable growth at 13.6% rate per annum, with sharpest peaks observed in 2007 and 2008: 28% and 43%, accordingly. Two world’s leading exporters, Argentina and Brazil, together grant more than a half of global export volumes, to be precise 58.6% (36.8 and 21.8, respectively). The US closes the top three with the result 13.1%, providing 7.8 million tonns of soya bean meal to the global market. Among these giants, Ukraine holds only 21 place, selling 108.8 thousand tonns totalling in 55.6 mln dollars. Top five buyers of Ukrainian soya bean meal are Russia, Belarus, Tunisia, Azerbaijan and Poland. At the global scale, the ist of 5 biggest importers consists of Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, France and Germany.

World’s average exporting price for soya bean meal in 2015 was 430 US dollars per metric tonn. During the last 10 years price trend demostrates stable growth with average annual rate 11.7%. Although Argentina is the largest exporter, the world’s average curves most closely correlates with with Brazilian price’s curve. Ukrainian exporters stay above world medium rate, asking for 8.6% higher price for their products.

What is the difference between Soybean meal  and Soya bean cake for livestock feed?

There are few major differences: Soya bean cake contains more fat (4-8%), and fiber,  Soya bean cake comes as non-granulated product with moisture (3-5%), therefor deemed by some as better value for money.


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