Ukrainian export of refractory bricks (HS Code 690290) Review

Ukrainian export of refractory bricks (HS Code 690290) Review

In 2014, global refractory brick industry total in 1 570 620 tonnes exported (1.643 billion US dollars in value terms). During last decade refractory brick’s market changed from being dominated by local ( regional ) suppliers ¬†to be dominated by Chinese exporters. Later managed to usurp over a third of world’s total trade in this domain.¬†Ukrainian exporters of refractory brick (also known as fire brick)¬†managed to capture¬†only 0.4% in world’s total export. In absolute values this figure means 22 thousand tonnes of bricks sold for 7 million US dollars. These numbers position Ukraine on the 25th place among world’s top refractory bricks exporters. However, there is a large untapped potential to increase export to EU and worldwide as Ukraine offers one of the lowest prices on the global market: ($316 per metric tonne in 2014).¬†Comparing with world’s average rate ($1046), Ukrainian exporters offer their product 3 times cheaper. Chinese exporters, respectively, maintain their prices around $800-level: in 2014, ¬†$784 per metric tonne. On the whole, the price range lies within $129 – $4012 (filtering for countries exported at least one thousand tonnes). Ukraine’s average growth rate of the price over the last 10 years is 4.72%. Highest fluctuations reached 20%-levels: in 2008 and 2012 we observed the rise in the prices and in 2009 the price drastically dropped by over 23%: from $327 in 2008 back to $251 in 2009 (the corresponding level of 2006 year).¬†Refractory brick’s is topical B2B product and often should be tailored to specific requirement and quality standards ¬†in this regards Ukrainian producers are¬†well equipped and can offer outstanding quality to price ratio even on small to medium ¬†refractory brick’s ¬†orders.

In terms of quantities, global markets remains rather stable: over the past 10 years (2005-2014) the the market grow only 4.9%. Nevertheless, due to competitive price and high quality Ukrainian presence can be increased by expansion to new market. At present 2015¬†¬†many Ukrainian ¬†refractory brick’s manufacturers forced to exit Russia markets. It can be stressful to business but at the same time it offers significant profits to pioneers.

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