Ukrainian export of Barley  (HS Code 100390)  Review

Ukrainian export of Barley (HS Code 100390) Review

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Anticipating 2016 harvest of barley we provide here export analytic of global and local barley markets with focus on Ukraine. In the year 2014 total world export of barley rose to 33.112 mln tonnes. Ukraine holds 3th place thus providing 12.6 % of global export in 2014, which in absolute number constitutes 4.16 mln tonnes and 841.532 mln of USD correspondingly.

Barley crop harvest  Ukraine : Advantage of planting barley is its low cost of production per hectare. Ukrainian farmers can use saved seed (seed reserved from the previous year’s harvest) and the use of fertilizer and chemicals typically is lower than for other crops. Despite the relatively low production cost for barley and the escalating prices for other  agricultural inputs this year, the reported sown area of barley in Ukraine decreased by 15 percent. Output is forecast at 7.0 million tons against 7.6 million for 2013/14. Barley typically is harvested throughout the month of July.(read more at USAD) therefor preliminary data of 2015 can confirm this reduced output around 6.8 mln tonnes

Worldwide barley trade

Top 5 world importers of barley in 2014 were China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Belgium and Netherlands.

Main buyers of Ukrainian barley in 2014 were Saudi Arabia with 2.682 mln tonnes, Turkey with 344, Iran with 251, Libya with 183 and China with 179 thousand tonnes correspondingly.

Top 5 world exporters of barley in 2014 were: Australia with 6.116, France with 5.104, Ukraine with 4.166, Russian Federation with 3.973 and Argentina 2.730 mln tonnes accordingly.

The biggest world exporter on the world stage is Australia but due to its remoteness in the distance and geographical location in southern hemisphere the main competitor in EU is France with 5.104 mln tonnes and Russian Federation with 3.973 mln tonnes.

Price World’s average exporting price for barley in 2014 was 233 US dollars per metric ton.  In the same time the price for barley of Ukrainian origin was 202 USD per metric ton. Such discrepancy in prices even despite lower output of 2014/15 can be considered as the essential advantage of Ukrainian barley in world export competition.

During the last 3 years world price of barley has shown downward trend. Ranging from279 USD to 203 USD (incomplete annual data for 2015) respectively Ukrainian producers are staying on the top of it offering competitive prices 177-190 USD. (Barley used for animal feeds) and  malting burley 240-280 USD respectively .

It should be noticed  that barley price vary  regionally depending on  harvest, quality and local consumption habits. Exported barley can be split in three major groups

  • Barley used as animal and fish feeds
  • Barley used for malting beverages (mainly beer brewing)
  • Barley used for human consumption (food)

Ukrainian producers EMC works with have barley for animal  feeds and malting barley. Read more on other barley usage

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