Trade & export of Concentrated Apple Juice, unfermented (HS Code – 200979)  Review

Trade & export of Concentrated Apple Juice, unfermented (HS Code – 200979) Review

With new harvest of Ukrainian apples we look at historical and 2015 trade data. Due to export of over 99 thousand tons of Concentrated Apple Juice in 2014 Ukraine got to top three world exporters of this product, conceding only to China and Poland.Top importers of Ukrainian apple juice in 2014 were Poland, Austria, Russian Federation, Germany and Belarus.  United States of America still remains the world top importer of apple juice.
Harvest 2015
EU and Ukraine in particular have larger that expected harvest of apples, along with other factors (namely change of suppliers of unfermented apple juice to Russian and exhaust of Ukraine-EU quotes) price of apple juice concentrate has downward pressure.
2014,2015 Ukrainian producers increased delivery of their agro products to the European Union market, sending a third of the total EU exports of agricultural products. The positive dynamic of EU-Ukraine apple juice concentrate trade largely offsets the overall drop Ukrainian exports for this product Р(year-on-year decrease 11.3%, due to the closure of the Russian market).Overall export to Russia fell by almost a third -31.2% during 2014, with further reduction observed throughout 2015.  At the same time Ukraine has exhausted the annual quota for apple and grape juiceon traded to EU, this fact may motivate the Ukrainian agrarians to enter new markets.

Last year annual price of Ukrainian apple juice  decreased by 345$ (Q42014 vs Q4 2013), from 1936 to 1591 $ per  ton(MT) reaching world’s average price.  A year earlier the Ukrainian juice was sold at premium of 318$ compare to world’s average price. One may argue that it reflected high quality of Ukrainian apple juice.  During August-September 2015  an average ukrainian price was record low 1?70 USD MT. If such trend persist Q4 may show record low prices on apple juice concentrate futures and long contracts from that part of the world.

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